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The PDF version of the winter 2018 newsletter

Director's Letter

Winter 2018 - Here we are, already in the thick of winter, and gratitude has warmed my heart…Why? We are so thankful to everyone who has contributed to our library’s endowment fund, and also our pillar fund to repair the two damaged columns on the outside of the library’s front entrance. We also made our goal for the matching grant of $10,000 for the endowment! To date, our endowment fund total is $68,820, and the pillar fund total is $35,838. Outstanding!

Our second fundraiser to raise money for the pillars was in January. It consisted of a special night at Pier Plaza with wonderful food and great people. We raised nearly $1500 that evening! Thanks again to the amazing generosity of all the folks working at the Pier Plaza.

Our third fundraiser—a wine and cheese testing--for the pillars will be held this spring. We will wrap things up with a FREE pancake breakfast at the library, as our way of saying Thank You to everyone in the community for contributing to this cause. Look for the official date of this meal to be announced.

I’ve had thoughts lately of how our public library has impacted people in this great community. Recently, a patron told us how mentally lost she would be without our library and its staff; that we are her lifeline and comfort. What an incredible thing to hear. Another patron kindly provided me her thoughts on what our library means to her, which is shared here. Until next time, thank you for supporting your local library! - Blair Nelson, Director

- Blair Nelson, Director 

Library Patron Testimonial

Fifteen years ago when we first moved to Bayfield a friend told us we would seldom have to rent movies. Being avid movie watchers, we questioned this. She explained that our Chequamegon Bay libraries had a treasure of movies, all for free. Thus began our love for all three libraries. We mainly use the Bayfield Library.

I belong to a Book Club, headed by Director, Blair Nelson. He chooses an interesting list of books to read, and we members discuss one a month. This is a great mind-expander, as some of us would not take out a Shakespeare or a work of an unknown author.

Blair is not the quiet and reserved soul one might think. He loves Science Fiction. Thus, when my husband approached him about offering a Comic-Con Conference, right here in Bayfield, he was quite excited [as Blair also had a similar idea in mind]. He called his Star Wars friends and contacted an artist and an author, both of whom presented to the audience. This event has outgrown the library, moved to the school, and finally come to rest at Legendary Waters. Each year it is more colorful and draws a good crowd.

When I stop to pick up a book or two on Wednesday, I hear and see the Children’s Story Hour. Teresa Weber captivates the kiddos with a good tale and animation. What a great way to involve readers for life. My children always cherished going to the library to select their books and wander the aisles for choices. Then there are Movie Nights, usually a Friday, when Blair shows a popular or an intriguing film. We snuggle in with popcorn and enjoy a free show. Casual, comfortable, and mind-expanding.

Our Carnegie Library is a gem. Its customer service is simply outstanding. We are proud to make it such a significant part of our lives.

- Jo & Mike Bailey 

Special Events

All events are free and open to the public

∴ Winter Lecture Series 
Indigenous Storytellers: Impressions of Heritage

  • Storytelling with native flute - Frank Montano (7pm, January 25)
  • Stories of humanity, earth and those with whom we share this existence - Regina Laroche (7pm February 22)
  • Tales from Northern Ireland - Steve Matier (7pm, March 13)

∴ Bayfield WinterFest Film: Wisconsin Winter from the Air

film(March 3) Original Wisconsin Public Television Movie. Everyone is invited to come along for this thrilling aerial ride!

∴ Friday Movie Night: Cheeseheads a Documentary

(April 6) What does it mean to be a Cheesehead? Most people think cheese, beer and football. But when a devoted Cheesehead returns to Wisconsin to explore the deeper meaning, he discovers a state of beauty, tradition, and hometown pride.

Ongoing Events at the Library:

∴ Book Club: 5pm

  • February 28: Winter World: the ingenuity of animal survival by Bernd Heinrich
  • March: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
  • April: 1984 by George Orwell

∴ Story Hour: Wednesdays at 10 am

∴ Library Board Meeting: Third Wednesday at 4 pm

∴ Friends of the Library Meeting: Third Tuesday at 4:45 pm

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