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Wednesday Story Time at 10

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1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Sisters Amma Lee and Ophelia Larson recently completed a milestone in their young lives: they were the first kids in the Bayfield area to complete the "1,000 Books Before Kindergarten" program. Congratulations to them!

Book Review: Moonglow by Michael Chabon

book jacketReviewed by Tom Hart - About halfway through Michael Chabon's new novel 'Moonglow', he confesses that the opponent of his young manhood rebellion was his family's inclination to "leave the business of feeling and talking about feelings to people who had nothing better to do." The young rebel believed, and still does, that silence is a malignancy and that "getting it all out" is the only solution. Thus, when he is called to his cancer-ridden grandfather's bedside, where  pain-killing drugs have loosed the patient's tongue and Chabon hears long hidden, secret tales of his family, he has no choice other than to pen this (faux) memoir. From the outset, I was completely absorbed by the mysterious intricacy of the novel, a detailed unfolding of delicate, family relationships, at the same time revealing (not without humor and pathos), the sordid nature of some of the technological blunderings of the nineteen-fifties.

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Book Review: Tribe by Sebastian Junger

Reviewed by Robert Schlack* - I have never been a soldier nor a journalist embedded with American combat troops,  putting their lives on the line fighting our "unending wars" on selected middle eastern dictators, terrorists, and terrorism more generally over the past quarter century. Nor have I known  first hand Native American cultures, their traditions, and tribal wisdom.  Finally, I’ve never had to pick up the pieces of my after living through some catastrophic natural disaster, major civil war, or complete economic collapse.

Yet, after reading the award-winning, best-selling author Sebastian Junger's latest book, Tribe:  On Homecoming and Belonging, I ask myself "How much have I thus missed about what it really means to be human?"  How have these omissions diminished my understanding of how rich human life sometimes can be?  

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